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Variables that investors should “weigh up” include machines that are reliable, versatile, certified, easy to operate and that optimise processes, ensure the safety of operators and offer high levels of profitability for a feasible investment amount.

Although the amount to be invested is one of the most important aspects when making a final decision about the equipment to be purchased, the profitability and reliability of the equipment, as well as technical assistance are variables that have a substantial influence over the total investment that has to be made.

Let’s look at a proposed purchase of a piece of machinery that, despite being cheaper, does not have a reliable technical assistance service. Do you think that this risk can be measured? Would a production stopped for 24, 48 or more hours compensate for a lower investment value? Can the risks associated with such a stoppage, such as failing to deliver orders or losing sales due to the absence of a certain product, be measured?

For short- and long-term success, it is essential to define the equipment needed to set up a bakery. Conditioning factors such as current legislation, food safety rules, wrapping, preparation, packaging and distribution, as well as consumer preferences, must all be studied. The type of business, amount of use and usage methods must all be taken into account when selecting machines, equipment and accessories, as well as the intended production capacity and the quality of the food product.

Choosing between a mixer with capacities of 35 kg and 50 kg can seem like a purely financial issue when making the initial decision. However, when the business is successful and sales are growing as expected, the ability to produce another 15 kg of dough for a single product recipe will significantly reduce costs (work time, energy, hypothetical loss of sales), and increase profit margins, which could mitigate the initial difference in price.

The factory must be a flexible and versatile work area, with capacity to meet specific market needs and opportunities to generate higher financial gains and increase the market share.

Preventive maintenance is another concern that must be taken into account by bakery industry executives. Scheduling a preventive visit or check up of your factory allows costs to be reduced, as it allows breakdowns that seem unexpected to be anticipated, leading to high levels of equipment performance.

Each establishment, each factory and each professional has specific needs and equipment that adapts to each situation is required. There is a vast range of equipment on the market, designed for different business types:


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